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Battle as the God of Thunder in Animoca’s New Action Defense Game, Thor: Lord of Storms

Fend off Ragnarok in this stylized and fun take on the Norse myths, now available on Google Play

Hong Kong – April 22, 2013 – Ragnarok approaches! Animoca (, the mobile game developer and publisher behind hits like the Pretty Pet Salon series, Star Girl, Robo5 and other top-rated titles, announced today the launch of Thor: Lord of Storms, an action-strategy defense game based on Norse mythology. Offering a uniquely stylized blend of East and West, Thor: Lord of Storms lets players take up arms to delay Ragnarok, the prophesied destruction of the world. The game is available for Android devices on Google Play, free of charge.

Vile creatures are emerging from dark portals that have appeared throughout the nine worlds of Yggdrasil, the World Tree. Using simple controls and intuitive gameplay, players must defeat the sinister invaders and their powerful masters who seek to bring about Ragnarok: Loki the trickster god, the great wolf Fenrir, and the Fire Giant Surt, who will set the entire world ablaze with his flaming sword. So begins Thor: Lord of Storms.

Players choose one of three heroes as protagonist: Thor, mightiest of the gods and wielder of the enchanted hammer Mjölnir; Freya, goddess of love and sorcery; or Brunhilde, the fierce shieldmaiden and valkyrie. The two heroes not chosen for protagonist become available as summoned helpers later in the game.

After choosing a hero, players lead him/her into battle against a horde of vicious invaders. Heroes can summon a variety of troops to assist them: Viking warriors, dwarfs, elves, gnomes, and even other gods including Odin the All-Father. Thor: Lord of Storms is an action game with deep strategic elements and players will need to refine their tactics in order to advance through the levels and save the nine realms of Yggdrasil.

An extensive upgrade system allows players to improve their hero and his/her various skills, battlefield fortifications, and the troops that heroes can summon. Special items like potions, powders and extracts to provide many beneficial effects are purchasable using in-game currency. Thor: Lord of Storms was designed with automatic fighting, simple controls and helpful hints, including an in-game tutorial fully voiced by Odin himself. The result is a game that is intuitive and challenging, as well as respectful of the original source material while incorporating a healthy dose of humor.

Pricing & Availability:

Download and play for free from anywhere in the world at:

Requires Android version 2.0.1 or later.

Watch a trailer of the game on YouTube at:

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About Animoca

Animoca is a leading developer and publisher of mobile games and edutainment apps for global audiences. The company has released more than 300 apps across multiple platforms, with more than 160 million game downloads since its launch in January 2011. Animoca’s Pretty Pet Salon franchise and the Star Girl series have become wildly popular with audiences throughout the world, earning high acclaim from gamers and reviewers alike. Animoca also publishes popular apps for children under its Baby Cortex brand. For more information, visit

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