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Animoca Data: The Most Popular Android Phones in Germany, France & UK (April 2013)

While publishing our blog series on the top Android devices in various countries, we’ve received countless requests to share data for European markets, and that’s exactly what we’re doing today. Below you will find data on the most popular Android phones in the United Kingdom, Germany, and France. Check out more Animoca country stats here: Hong Kong & India | Singapore | USA | Japan.

All data obtained from individual users of Animoca games located in the specified country, who used Google Play, and who played an Animoca game between March 9 and April 8, 2013. Tablets are excluded.

Top Android phones in the UK (Animoca network, Mar 9 – Apr 8, 2013)

Top Android phones in Germany (Animoca network, Mar 9 – Apr 8, 2013)

Top Android phones in France (Animoca network, Mar 9 – Apr 8, 2013)

Samsung dominates once again, occupying more than half of the Top 10 spots in the UK, France and Germany. A similar pattern is visible in Hong Kong, Singapore, India, and the US (although Samsung’s share isn’t quite as dominant in the US).

The high-end Samsung Galaxy S2 and S3 are at the top of each list, something we found in other countries we analyzed with two exceptions: India, where low-end devices are more popular, and Japan, which was the only country where Samsung didn’t claim at least half of the Top 10 spots.

Thanks to its Xperia series, Sony emerges as the second most popular Android phone company in three key European markets. The Xperia U, which was launched worldwide May 2012 offering an affordable and stylish blend of the high and low end, is the only Sony device to appear in the Top 10 of all three countries, officially making it the most popular phone in these markets after the Samsung offerings.

There are more similarities than differences between the UK, France and Germany. With Samsung dominating and Sony claiming second place on all three charts, the only other brands making appearances are HTC in the UK and Germany, and LG in France.

Join us next time for more global Android insights!

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