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Animoca Data: most popular Android phones and OS versions in the USA

After our last post revealing some surprising differences between high-end and low-end markets, we received numerous requests to provide usage data for the U.S., so here are the most popular Android phones and operating system versions on our American network. For readers who are just joining us, this is an attempt by Animoca to provide some granularity in Android device and OS distribution.

All data obtained from individual users of Animoca games located in the USA, who used Google Play, and who played an Animoca game between January 15 and February 15, 2013. Tablets are excluded.

Top Android phones in USA (Animoca network, Jan 15 – Feb 15, 2013)

What’s especially interesting is that the US seems to lack a single overwhelmingly dominant Android phone, although in aggregate Samsung holds a comfortable lead over all other brands. The top 3 entries, accounting for 19.7% of US Android phones, are all Korean.

Top Android OS versions in USA (Animoca network, Jan 15 – Feb 15, 2013)

Versions of Android 4.x make up 61.5% of Android installations we analyzed, an increase on our findings from November 2012, when Android 4.x had only 46.1% of the overall share. We do see 2.3.6 tenaciously holding on to second place, and 2.3.4 in fifth, but the days of Gingerbread appear to be numbered.

Join us next time for more insightful Animoca data!

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