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All the Myriad Androids

On a sunny Friday afternoon, we thought, why not do something unusual? So we sauntered over to our QA department and demanded to see their Android test devices. If you know anything about Google Android then you know the choice in this ecosystem is enormous (we wrote about this in a previous post).

Around here we affectionately refer to our QA department as “bucket o’droids” and we think you can probably figure out why. These guys and gals test our apps across so many devices it would make your head spin. Cuby (of Pretty Pet Salon fame) immediately saw the opportunity for some shameless self-promotion and ordered us to set up the conference room for a photoshoot. What a professional!

No doubt you have questions, so here are our answers:

  • Yes, all of those devices are found in-house at Animoca – those are just the ones that would fit on our biggest table.

  • Yes, the conference room does open directly on to a gorgeous green area complete with trees and a lawn.

  • Yes, we really did allude to a classic work of science fiction.

Fridays are fun.

UPDATE: catch the follow-up discussion to this post in our latest magnum opus: The Varieties of Android Experience.

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