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Android Devices on Animoca’s Network, Part 2

In the first part of this post, we revealed the device brands used to play Animoca games. Today we will delve deeper into the data to determine which individual devices are the most popular. We used data from the same snapshot taken on April 2, 2012, to cover the preceding 7 days of activity.

First, some information about the user base to put the results into some perspective. The following chart shows how our global audience breaks down.

Asia, Europe, and North America together account for 86.2% of Animoca’s Android audience. In Asia it’s South Korea with the most users, in Europe it’s the U.K., and in North America of course it’s the U.S.A. Europe and North America have nearly identical shares of the pie, but Asia accounts for an extra 4% of the audience.

So, with that in mind, here are the most popular devices used by people who play Animoca games on Android smartphones and tablets, today and August last year.

Top 20 Android Devices used to play Animoca games

As we saw in the earlier part of this update, Samsung dominates the market. It’s a good job this isn’t a Top 10 list or it would have been rather monotonous with one company holding so many spots (today AND half a year ago).

The clear winner in this list, however, is not Samsung. While the Korean titan’s dominance is absolutely impressive, Animoca reserves our frankest admiration for Amazon’s Kindle Fire, which came out of nowhere to usurp the number 2 position formerly held by Samsung.

Also of interest is the persistence of the HTC Desire HD at number 5, the same position it had last August, showing noteworthy tenacity in the face of Samsung and Amazon’s extremely popular offerings.

LG’s models have shifted downwards: different flavours of the Optimus – the highest ranked LG device in both lists – dropped from fourth to eleventh place in the last six months. Motorola, which held 8th place last August with the Droid X model, is now absent from the top 20. Huawei, whose M860 model held 16th place previously, is likewise gone from the Top 20.

Also noteworthy is the appearance of a newcomer to the Top 20: Pantech, with its Vega Racer, holds today’s number 8 spot.

This concludes the two-part post about users on Android’s Animoca network. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to catch up on part 1 if you haven’t already.

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