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Android Devices on Animoca’s Network, Part 1

In the first quarter of 2012 Animoca’s various games delivered 465,927,500 minutes of game time to users of Android smartphone and tablet devices. That’s 323,560.76 days, or 886.47 years of fun time.

We wanted a clearer picture, so we took a snapshot to identify the most popular brands among active users of Animoca products on the Android mobile OS. The snapshot was taken on Monday, April 2, 2012, to cover the preceding 7 days of activity.

In this post we focus on the brands that are used by Android users to play Animoca games. In part 2 we delve deeper into the data to determine which individual devices are the most popular.

With a 55.03% slice of the pie, Samsung is clearly the behemoth of Android: among people who play Animoca apps there are more Samsung users than there are users of every other brand put together. In a very distant second place, HTC is doing fairly well with 10.78%, a commanding lead of more than 5% over the next brand. That makes Samsung and HTC number one and two, respectively.

Next, LG (5.72%) and Sony (5.55%) are running an incredibly tight race that LG leads by a thin 0.17% margin. It seems too close to call, so LG and Sony are tied for third and fourth places.

It’s another close race between Motorola (3.82%) and Pantech (3.58%), where Motorola holds a slight lead of just under a quarter of a percent. It’s not a terribly significant difference in our view but we (tentatively) declare Motorola holder of the fifth place and Pantech holder of the sixth.

All other brands account for the remaining 15.52% of users playing Animoca games. Here’s the above information in a list:

Please continue to part 2 of this post, which lists the most popular Android devices used to play Animoca products.

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