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‘Pretty Pet Tycoon’ Game Launches for Android

Popular iOS game now available on Google’s Android

HONG KONG – October 11, 2011: Outblaze and Animoca today launched Pretty Pet Tycoon for Google’s Android devices. Part of the “Pretty Pet” series of popular time management games, Pretty Pet Tycoon challenges players’ coordination, reflexes and strategy as they build a mighty business empire starting only with some fruit. Pretty Pet Tycoon for Android can be downloaded free of charge at

In Pretty Pet Tycoon, the heroine Piglina has decided she’s had enough of being the manager of a pet grooming salon. Retreating to a cozy farm in the countryside, Piglina discovers that a mysterious stranger wants to use her farm to conquer the world of business and become a tycoon.

Players of Pretty Pet Tycoon must use quick reflexes and shrewd time management skills to help Piglina run her farm and earn income while wasting as little produce as possible. To assist Piglina, players can recruit helpers, purchase and upgrade equipment, and manage advanced fruit-processing facilities like the Juice Factory and Candy Factory.

Building on the success of other games in the “Pretty Pet” series, Pretty Pet Tycoon features expanded gameplay, a map system that lets players experience different forms of frantic time management action, an achievement system, and Halloween-themed content. Download Pretty Pet Tycoon now free of charge for Android at Users of iOS can find the game at, also free of charge.

20 million players have experienced the addictive blend of action and strategy of the “Pretty Pet” series of games ( Other games in the series include Pretty Pet Pony, Pretty Pet Salon Summer, My Pet Cuby, Pretty Pet Farm, Pretty Pet Salon Spooky Party, and other titles for Apple iOS and Google Android.

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