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‘Pretty Pet Salon Pro’ Launched for iPhone

Premium sequel to the hit iOS and Android game

HONG KONG – July 29, 2011: Outblaze and Animoca today launched Pretty Pet Salon Proon Apple’s App Store. Pretty Pet Salon Pro is the latest addition to the “Pretty Pet” game series that became a global chart leader for Apple’s iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod) and Google’s Android. Pretty Pet Salon Pro is available for US$1.99 on the App Store at

The “Pretty Pet” series ( has been downloaded 13 million times and its games have made frequent appearances in the Apple App Store top charts around the world since the January 2011 launch of the first title. Now, Pretty Pet Salon Pro takes the celebrated gameplay of Pretty Pet games to an advanced level, offering a unique challenge to old and new players alike.

Pretty Pet Salon Pro sees the return of the endearing piglet Piglina and her now popular pet grooming salon. Word of her excellent service has spread far and wide, drawing hordes of pet owners eager to pamper their pets. Players will have to budget their resources wisely, hiring new staff and upgrading equipment to sustain the good reputation of Piglina’s establishment. Help Piglina serve her customers by using quick reflexes, advanced time management skills, and clever use of features like:

  • Doorman 2000: customers queue up outside the salon (instead of becoming discouraged and leaving)

  • Turbo-charged grooming: rapidly tap on a pet to unleash pet grooming mayhem

  • Daily Bonus Lottery: enter for a chance to win free Pet Points

Pretty Pet Salon Pro is available to download for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch for US$1.99. Each purchase of Pretty Pet Salon Pro includes 350 Pet Points, which players can use to purchase valuable in-game upgrades, and 50 Lottery Tokens. Download Pretty Pet Salon Pro from Apple’s App Store at

Pretty Pet Salon Pro was developed by Outblaze and Dream Cortex and published by Animoca.

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