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Outblaze Releases ‘Talking Zombies’ iPhone App

Unleash your brutality against zombies, change your voice, compete with others

HONG KONG – March 3, 2011: Undead mayhem is the order of the day with the latest iPhone game by Outblaze subsidiary Dream Cortex: Talking Zombies. This free app installs a gruesome undead creature that can be dispatched with extreme brutality using a variety of gestures and weapons. Players who are feeling charitable towards the decomposing undead can leave the zombie intact and instead record sentences to be played back in a variety of customizable sepulchral tones.

Talking Zombies lets players compete online via the Game Center, which offers leaderboards and competitions to determine who can deliver the most gut-wrenching, brain-splattering and comically vicious massacre of their zombies. Talking Zombies is free to download and play with the option of premium upgrades via credit card transactions. The app also offers an innovative advertising referral system that allows players to upgrade to premium features at no cost. Talking Zombies can be downloaded free of charge from its iTunes page. An iPad version is in development.

Other popular Apple iOS apps developed by Outblaze and Dream Cortex include the smash hit Pretty Pet Salon (a top-grossing global chart leader), Talking Pumpkin Pal (reached first place overall in China), and the humorous Talking Prez (reached number one in countries in the Middle East).

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