Need publishing and marketing support for your innovative apps? If you believe that your games and apps have the potential to make it big, Animoca can help.

Animoca  is a major publisher of games and apps for smartphones and tablets. Our goal is to provide an expert publishing service to our clients, giving them the necessary support to fuel the success of their products.

We have set up strong relationships with app developers from all over the world. By leveraging our well-established mass distribution network, developers can ensure that their apps will succeed in the increasingly crowded app market.

Our apps continue to rank among the most popular apps, and we are proud to say that our “Pretty Pet Salon” series reached tens of millions downloads and dozens of international top rankings in its first year.

So, if you have apps and games you’d like to publish, send us an email at to learn more about what we can do for you and your creations. We look forward to building a strong and successful partnership with you.