Planet Wars: Star Legend

Planet Wars: Star Legend is an epic space multiplayer online real-time strategy (RTS) game in which you command futuristic robots and other advanced mechas! Build your droids to fight in wars across the galaxy, and ally with your friends to battle thousands of other players online!

Establish your own space colony and lead your clan of mecha soldiers to survival, and perhaps even victory! Raise an army of fearsome killing constructs including the Ironhide, Predator, Prometheus and other mechanized instruments of mayhem!

  • Brilliant space-age inspired environment, elements and graphics
  • Fully control your units in battle with real time strategy mechanics
  • Build, upgrade, and fortify your base with resource, defensive and functional buildings
  • Assemble and upgrade mecha to defend your base or to conquer other colonies
  • Rich PvE (player vs environment) content where you complete missions and conquer planets
  • Attack another player and loot their precious resources via the online PvP system
  • Team up with other players for joint construction efforts
  • Show the entire galaxy what you are made of! Dominate the leaderboards!