Bulba the Cat Lite

One fine day, Bulba and Pulpa were having a picnic with lots of their favorite sushi. Suddenly, a naughty crow swooped down and stole all of Pulpa’s sushi! Bulba to the rescue!

Control Bulba as he jumps high and low to retrieve the stolen sushi. Using the accelerometer, tilt your device towards your desired direction. Collect all the sushi through 5 delightfully cute levels. Be careful not to end up in the water, and be careful jumping on those flimsy wooden logs!

The game’s 3D graphics are cute and colorful, and the controls are simple and smooth, ensuring an enjoyable gaming experience.

You can also play the full version of Bulba the Cat to play through 60 exciting levels!

Category: Arcade & Action

Requirement: Android 2.2 and up