Pretty Pet Salon Seasons HD 1.2.1 – New content!

The latest version of Pretty Pet Salon Seasons HD for the iPad offers new content and features made popular by the iPhone version. Players can now download new levels through the Download page, and they also have a chance to win Daily Bonuses with just the spin of a wheel!

The version also includes bug fixes to address known issues and improve user experience. Click here for more info this update!

Download Pretty Pet Salon Seasons HD (Free)



Take on a new challenge with Pretty Pet Salon Pro!

Play the brand new Pretty Pet Salon Pro for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch and experience pet grooming mayhem like never before! This premium version of Pretty Pet Salon is just as addictive as the original, but even more fun, fast-paced, and exciting! Pretty Pet Salon Pro is available on Apple’s App Store for US$ 1.99, which includes 350 Pet Points plus a limited-time offer of 50 free tokens for the Daily Bonus Lottery!

What’s special about Pretty Pet Salon Pro?

Pretty Pet Salon Pro introduces you to a bigger and better pet salon. More seats will become available as you progress in the game, and a lot more customers will be visiting your salon. We’re taking pet grooming to a whole new level! Can you handle it?

350 Pet Points and more Daily Bonus tokens!

You won’t be stepping into this challenge without a little help, because each purchase of Pretty Pet Salon Pro includes 350 Pet Points! Use these Pet Points to hire staff and purchase upgrades early on!

What’s more, each day you will receive 2 tokens that you can use in the Daily Bonus lottery. That’s double the chances to win free Pet Points every day! Also, watch out for a special and mysterious offer in Pretty Pet Salon!

Get 50 more free tokens!

Purchase Pretty Pet Salon Pro now and you can get 50 more tokens for the Daily Bonus lottery. Simply tap on the “Download New Levels” button (you can get to it from the main screen). This is a one-time, limited-time offer, so act now!

EXISTING PLAYERS: You can transfer some of your data from the original Pretty Pet Salon to Pretty Pet Salon Pro!

Pretty Pet Salon Pro is now available on the App Store for US$1.99. We’d love to hear what you think, send us your feedback by emailing us at Do you have what it takes to conquer the world of pet grooming? Play Pretty Pet Salon Pro and find out!

Download Pretty Pet Salon Pro (US $1.99)


There may be issues that render the game unplayable after Day 1. If this happens, just relaunch the game.



Pretty Pet Salon iOS 1.9 – New Levels and Upgrades

A new update has just been released for Pretty Pet Salon on the iOS! Players will be facing new challenges as they play through 8 additional levels, each one tougher than the last.

The update also includes a new character and a new item that will help them succeed in the game.  Click here to read more about this update!

Download Pretty Pet Salon for the iOS (FREE)


We’ve also fixed the slowness problems occurring on certain kinds of devices on this patch. If you still encounter any problems while playing the game please let us know! Enjoy!


New Release: My Car Salon

In the tradition of the smash-hit mobile game Pretty Pet Salon, here comes an exciting new time management game for car lovers!

In My Car Salon, players get to own a brand new auto repair shop, and there’s a lot of cars in the neighborhood just itching for a good tune-up. Players must keep their customers happy by giving their cars the services that they need. Speed, quick thinking, and clever management skills are needed in My Car Salon, as players must also manage their mechanics well to make sure they don’t slack off.

My Car Salon offers upgradable equipment, additional staff for hire to help as more and more customers start rolling in. A Daily Bonus system is also available, and through it players can get cash and Car Coins for more upgrades.

Time to roll up the sleeves and get cracking on those cars! My Car Salon is free to download and play, and is available now on the App Store. Download My Car Salon today!

Download My Car Salon (Free)

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