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Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Star Girl: Valentine Hearts!

Valentine’s is in the air and the cupids are abuzz! Celebrate the day of romance and hearts wearing cute dresses and fashionable accessories in the newest entry to the critically acclaimed social fashion RPG series— Star Girl: Valentine Hearts!

Celebrate the day of hearts in high fashion, meet new friends, and find the man of your derams for a perfect, romantic date! Compete and judge other contestants in Valentine’s-themed beauty pageants, aiming for the highest number of votes to be crowned winner! Find out what it takes to be a star—whether through singing, acting, or modeling. Work hard, and you may just be featured on the covers of the most prestigious fashion magazines and win trophies in award nights for your outstanding performances!


Be the queen of hearts this Valentine’s Day! Download Star Girl: Valentine Hearts now!

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Animoca Surpasses 220 Million Downloads and Launches Star Girl: Valentine Hearts

Animoca Surpasses 220 Million Downloads and Launches Star Girl: Valentine Hearts

Mobile game publisher expands portfolio with dating sim and other exciting new titles


Hong Kong – February 13, 2014 – It’s only February, but it has already been a busy year for mobile game developer and publisher Animoca, which today announced the launch of several new games including Star Girl: Valentine Hearts, a new dating simulation and fashion RPG game available worldwide on Google Play and the Amazon Appstore. Animoca also announced that it has surpassed 220 million total app installs, a milestone that puts it in rare company among mobile developers.

Launching just in time for the year’s most romantic holiday, Star Girl: Valentine Hearts joins the suite of fashion RPG games in the Star Girl franchise, including Star Girl, Star Girl: Beauty Queen, Star Girl Moda Italia, and Star Girl Christmas. Players can carry over their Star Girl character from other titles in the franchise and dress up in Valentine’s Day-themed clothes and accessories in order to look their best when trying to find a special date for the big day.

“I’m proud of our team’s commitment to producing high quality games and creating original, innovative mobile experiences,” said David Kim, co-founder and CEO of Animoca. “The new Animoca games launched so far this year are just a sign of things to come as we prepare to announce several more exciting new launches in the coming weeks.”

In addition to Star Girl: Valentine Hearts, other new titles recently released by Animoca include:

Pretty Pet Jewel Town: Cuby and the rest of the crew are back in this clever new addition to the Pretty Pets franchise. Players solve complicated puzzles by matching shiny, colorful jewels, win prizes and collectibles by drawing from a Gashapon machine; and decorate their own room.

Clumsy Cuby – Interactive Pet: Years before he started a pet salon with his friends, Cuby was a cute, loveable and sometimes clumsy baby pet. Kids will love to interact with baby Cuby in 3D as they make him dance, feed him lollipops, play Peek-a-boo and more!

Beauty Idol: Anime and manga never looked this good! This fashion RPG lets players chase the dream lifestyle of a glamorous rock star, actress or supermodel. Dress for success in whatever style you prefer and enjoy the life of an up-and-coming celebrity idol!

Doraemon Repair Shop: continuing Animoca’s tradition of hit time-management games, Doraemon Repair Shop will test your speed, reflexes and strategic thinking as you help the futuristic robot cat Doraemon and his friends to restore customers’ broken appliances and furniture in an effort to recycle materials and save the planet.

Hidden Origin: Lost Mystery: discover the truth behind your forgotten identity while investigating mysterious occurrences around the city. Play this spellbinding hidden object game, which offers a wide variety of brain-racking puzzles, mini-games, and an immersive story brimming with mystery, intrigue and surprises.

All games are available for free and can be downloaded at the following links:

Star Girl: Valentine Hearts:
Google Play:

Pretty Pet Jewel Town:
Google Play:

Clumsy Cuby – Interactive Pet:
Google Play:

Beauty Idol:
Google Play:

Doraemon Repair Shop:
Google Play:

Hidden Origin: Lost Mystery:
Amazon Appstore:

About Animoca
Animoca is a leading developer and publisher of mobile games and edutainment apps for global audiences. The company has released more than 300 apps across multiple platforms, with more than 220 million game downloads since its launch in January 2011. Animoca’s Pretty Pet Salon franchise and the Star Girl series have become wildly popular with audiences throughout the world, earning high acclaim from gamers and reviewers alike. Animoca also publishes popular apps for children under its Baby Cortex brand. For more information, visit




Robo5 launches for Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD!

Animoca, the creator of the ultra-cute Pretty Pet Salon franchise, presents a steampunk robotic adventure that will give you hours of mind-bending fun! Get Robo5 on the Amazon Appstore for your Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire HD!


Robo5 is a 3D action puzzle game that gives you control of Robo #5, a lone little robot trapped in a strange decaying world filled with towering mountains of junk. Robo is missing his memory and you need to guide him to the top of gigantic piles of boxes to help him reactivate his cognitive functions.


Help Robo by pushing, pulling and climbing past boxes and traps. Remember to keep a close watch on Robo’s energy reserve, because once he runs out, it will all be over for our little mechanical hero. Play Robo5 now and try to uncover his origins and purpose!

Robo5 is available on Amazon for the Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD


Top Android tablets & brands among new Animoca users for July 30 – August 6, 2012

Every now and then we take a look at the distribution of the most popular tablet devices among new users in the Animoca Android network. Since Animoca users are fairly well spread out over the world (as described here) this gives us a rough idea of current global trends in the Android tablet market and lets us glean insights for game development. We trawled through last week’s data and now we share the breakdown, by device and by brand, of the most popular tablets among new Animoca users for the week of July 30 to August 6, 2012.

These data are for tablets only, not phones; we also excluded hybrid devices like the Galaxy Note, since such devices are better treated as large phones rather than tablets. The first table shows breakdown by individual model, the second table looks at the overall share of each brand.

Please do keep in mind that these numbers are derived from looking at new users of Animoca products over the past week, and nothing more. As noted, it gives us a rough idea of current trends. Other developers with different audiences could well report quite different results.


Top 10 tablets among new Animoca users for the week of Jul 30 – Aug 6, 2012

Tablet Share of New Users Screen Size Brand
1 Kindle Fire 18.84% 7” Amazon
2 Galaxy Tab 10.71% 7” Samsung
3 Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0) 4.17% 7” Samsung
4 Galaxy Tab 10.1 2.77% 10.1” Samsung
5 Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus 2.69% 7” Samsung
6 Iconia Tab A500 1.63% 10.1” Acer
7 Nexus 7 1.37% 7” Google
8 Xoom 1.27% 10.1” Motorola
9 Tablet S 1.18% 9.1” Sony
10 Galaxy Tab 8.9 0.95% 8.9” Samsung

 Top 5 tablet brands among new Animoca users for the week of Jul 30 – Aug 6, 2012

Brand Share of New Users
1 Samsung 25.33%
2 Amazon 18.84%
3 Asus 3.51%
4 Acer 3.37%
5 Google 1.37%

The data allow for some interesting observations. We can see immediately that Amazon’s Kindle Fire is the top Android tablet, an especially impressive accomplishment considering that the original Kindle Fire will soon be superseded by the launch of the even more appealing Kindle Fire 2.

Another company that continues to impress is Samsung: the South Korean titan of tech accounts for no fewer than half of the entries in our top 10 list. The strategy of providing a broad product range has made Samsung the top Android tablet brand, in aggregate. Essentially, Samsung made one out of every four tablets that joined the Animoca Android network last week (25.33% of them, to be precise).

Asus did not manage to break into the Top 10 with any individual device, but popular models like the TF201, TF300 and TF101 all together accounted for 3.51% of last week’s new users, the third highest total for a brand. The single most popular Asus device was the TF300 at 11th position, with 0.90% of the share. Note that we counted the Nexus 7 as a Google device and not an Asus device, however either way Asus remains a distant third behind Samsung and Amazon and ahead of Acer.

Acer’s Iconia series, from the A100 to the A500, accounted for 3.37% of new Animoca users last week, hot on the heels of their fellow Taiwanese rival Asus. On that note, HTC is absent from these lists because – although it is a major phone manufacturer – its foray into the tablet space has been quite limited. The budget-oriented HTC Flyer (which was discontinued at the end of 2011) did show up in the top 100 when we compiled our data, but it was too far down the list to be of much note.

This brings us to Google’s tablet, the Nexus 7, which has overtaken Sony and Motorola in less than a month and a half since being unveiled and despite some difficulties in obtaining the device! It’s undoubtedly a promising entry in the market.

A large percentage of new tablets on the Animoca network last week were either unidentifiable or made by brands with less significant market share, including Viewsonic, Archos, Ainol, Hyundai, Newsmy, Coby Kyros, APad A8, Archos, Lenovo and the afore-mentioned HTC.

Another item of interest is screen size: five of the top 10 devices have a screen size of 7 inches, three are 10.1 inches, and two are roughly 9 inches. While it’s obvious that larger tablets still have significant appeal, it seems that a screen of 7 inches hits the sweet spot for factors like usability, price and portability.


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