Happy Mother’s Day from Animoca and Star Girl!

Mother’s Day is around the corner. Being a mom is a full-time job, and we can’t thank our moms enough for all the sacrifices they made while raising us!

To celebrate this wonderful day honoring motherhood and those amazing women who nurtured us, Star Girl offers a 90% discount for this dreamy floral dress. It’s classic, stylish, and timelessly elegant! The discount will be available from May 10 to 12, UTC, on all Star Girl apps, v.3.0.1 or above!

Happy Mother’s Day from the Star Girl team!

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Celebrate the season of youth with Star Girl: Colors of Spring!

Celebrate a fabulous Easter wearing the freshest fashion trends for Spring in the hottest social fashion RPG simulation, Star Girl: Colors of Spring!

Spring has sprung! This season, Star Girl transports you to a world of high fashion, glamour, and spring romance. Revamp your wardrobe with stylish, seasonal must-haves fresh off the runway, glam up and accessorize, meet friends, and date sizzling hot men. Outshine other rising stars in beauty pageants, and make your way to the top as a music diva, an actress, or a supermodel. One day, you might just see yourself gracing the covers of the top fashion magazines!


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Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Star Girl: Valentine Hearts!

Valentine’s is in the air and the cupids are abuzz! Celebrate the day of romance and hearts wearing cute dresses and fashionable accessories in the newest entry to the critically acclaimed social fashion RPG series— Star Girl: Valentine Hearts!

Celebrate the day of hearts in high fashion, meet new friends, and find the man of your derams for a perfect, romantic date! Compete and judge other contestants in Valentine’s-themed beauty pageants, aiming for the highest number of votes to be crowned winner! Find out what it takes to be a star—whether through singing, acting, or modeling. Work hard, and you may just be featured on the covers of the most prestigious fashion magazines and win trophies in award nights for your outstanding performances!


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