Ragnarok: War of Gods – Path of Heroes Released!

The path towards endless adventure opens— Ragnarok: War of Gods‘ massive expansion Path of Heroes is now live! Start your new journey in the classic MMORPG with an updated and enhanced user interface for easy access to new and awesome features!



Aside from a ton of fixes and improvements, the update introduces the following key features to the game:
- Make your adventures on the Path of Heroes easier with the help of Mercenaries. Equip a max of two in Single Dungeon mode!
- Traverse the Single Dungeons! Summon a friend to help you on your perilous journey and clear each level for a chance to get items or Mercenaries.
- Send off your Mercs to battle in the Mercenary War! Duel Mercenaries with other players for rewards, and reach the top of the rankings for even greater prizes.
- Take part in the Abyss Dungeon system! Work together with 50 other adventurers to take down the dungeon’s Boss for great rewards!
- Complete normal and daily missions for unique rewards!

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Chef’s Diner: Food Rush now available!

Play this tasty, fun, and free-to-play time management game and cook your way to become ultimate chef in Animoca’s hottest and most appetizing game, Chef’s Diner: Food Rush! Step into the delicious world of Chef’s Diner: Food Rush, where you put your culinary skills to the test! Learn mouth-watering recipes from the local cuisines by heart, and serve scrumptious gourmet dishes such as “Diner Delight”, the “Venice pie”, and a spicy “Tortilla poncho”! Hordes of hungry customers will rush to your restaurant and take a seat. You’ll have to take orders fast and serve the dishes quickly to keep them happy and coming back for more. Much is expected of a legendary diner chef like you!


Make sure to upgrade your kitchen to speed up the preparation time, and keep an eye on your supplies, so you can order fresh ingredients on time! The game features 48 whooping ingredients to prepare almost 60 yummy dishes, loads of upgrades and perks, and 6 different restaurants—each with their unique twist!   Manage your restaurant like a pro. Play Chef’s Diner: Food Rush now, FREE!

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Play Pong with Cuby and the Pretty Pets!

Animoca unleashes its latest entry to the critically acclaimed Pretty Pet series, Pretty Pet Fruit Pong, the cutest ping pong and garden decoration game that you can play on your mobile device, FREE!

Cuby and his Pretty Pet friends plan to beautify their garden, but they need your help to decorate it! Play fruit ping pong to collect fruits, which you can sell! Use the basket to knock the fruits from the trees! Use your hard-earned coins to fill your garden with the cutest decorations and furniture! Compete with your friends and share pictures of your garden! With nearly 200 challenging levels, adorable visuals, and engaging gameplay, Pretty Pet Fruit Pong will surely keep you playing for hours! Let’s play pong with Cuby!


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Happy Mother’s Day from Animoca and Star Girl!

Mother’s Day is around the corner. Being a mom is a full-time job, and we can’t thank our moms enough for all the sacrifices they made while raising us!

To celebrate this wonderful day honoring motherhood and those amazing women who nurtured us, Star Girl offers a 90% discount for this dreamy floral dress. It’s classic, stylish, and timelessly elegant! The discount will be available from May 10 to 12, UTC, on all Star Girl apps, v.3.0.1 or above!

Happy Mother’s Day from the Star Girl team!

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