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What have we been up to? Animoca’s recent releases

Besides all the analysissocial projects and panel talks, what have we been up to lately? We’re doing what we do best: making quality apps and games. We know how to have fun here at Animoca, but in between laughs, Cuby photo-ops and obscure sci-fi references, it’s business as usual and we’re hard at work!

So, here’s a quick rundown of the titles we’ve released in the past several weeks – click on headings to go to the app page:

Aqua City

A city-building game that successfully captures the addictiveness of sim games while still being accessible to casual gamers. It has great user review scores and has been reviewed recently by AndroidTappAndroidHeadlines, and the Daily App Show, so make sure to check those out!


Lord of Magic

This game, combining strategy, RPG, and action elements, enjoys overwhelmingly positive ratings from players – 4.9 stars average across thousands of reviews on Google Play!


Aqua Hunt

Time to go fishing! Aqua Hunt is an easy to pick up and hard to put down classic arcade-styled fishing game with cool aquatic visuals.


Alphabet Car 2

The awesome sequel to our highly rated educational app Alphabet Car, now with improved graphics (check out the night-time driving!), better spelling challenges, a whole range of vehicles to choose from, and much more! Kids will love it – edutainment has never been this fun!


A Hero’s Tale

A classic RPG-styled game with rogue-like, dungeon crawling elements: level up, grow stronger, get better equipment. Can you handle the challenge?


Diner City

A wacky time-management game that lets you run, improve, and decorate your own restaurant in a highly interactive 3D environment.


Bulba the Cat

Check out this fun and addictive puzzle platformer with unique jumping mechanics!



And there you have it! You can always visit our products section for a complete list of Animoca titles. We’ve already got a huge arsenal, but we’re definitely not slowing down! Stay tuned – we’re cooking up even more amazing apps and games!




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